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Baby Blocks 

You expecting or know someone who is? Why not add these baby blocks to create the perfect photo opportunity. They pair well with the flower walls or sequin walls and can also be used on there own with a balloon garland. These blocks can be use for a baby shower or a gender reveal. 


Champagne cart 

Who doesn't love a glass of champs? Our Champagne cart holds up to 48 glasses of champagne as well as 2 bottles of champagne or prosecco. The perfect addition to any event. 

Sail Boards 


Our sail board back drops can be personalised to your event. These are great for corporate events as can be fully customised to the company logo. These can be alone or paired with a balloon garland. 

Circular Mesh Backdrop


Our circular mesh backdrops are a perfect photo opportunity. These have a balloon or flower garland around them to stand out. These are personalised to your event with the text in the background. 


Balloon Hoop 

Our balloon hoop can be in any colour to match your events colour scheme. these can be paired with any of our neon signs. You can also add floral features to this to create a more detailed hoop. 

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